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Donald MacCampbell, Reading For Enjoyment, A Macfadden Book, 1964.

From "Chapter Two: How to Read."

Restlessness is another of the state which should be overcome before sitting down to read. That predilection commonly known as "the fidgets" is produced by a will that is anything but dormant - a will that cries out like an irritable infant, in protest or longing. In an oversexed woman, it may cry out for a man. In an oversexed man, it may hunger for a woman. Constipation, and the damage it may wreck upon the nervous system, may harass the will into aimless activity... (p. 33)

The person of ordinary endurance.... tires much sooner than the properly trained reader, who keeps his torso in a straight line from shoulder to hip..." (p.34)

The temperature best suited for reading purposes lies somewhere between 68 and 72 degrees: depending on the quality and pressure of one's blood." (p.35).

I had no idea it was so complicated. But he has left out the trouble caused by diarrhoea, I guess that wasn't really an issue in mid-century America.


Oct. 15th, 2016 02:59 pm
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I could have sworn that today I was going to clamber out of bed and continue from where I left off yesterday, but I can't actually remember what I was doing and what would come next.

I was on a roll. Now I am not on a roll.

At some point I will tend to a neglected fishtank, but I think that might be the most I get done.
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I am quite enjoying myself


Pushing stuff around, from here to there. And sometimes, "there" = out.

Points for streamlining and making things more accessible.

(Spurred on by the discovery of enough toothpaste and deodorant to last at least a year, in the back of a cupboard I can't easily get to).


I have also learned, in recent times, to give myself bonus points for putting something appealing/sentimental in a good spot to notice it.

And for occasionally shuffling these things around, so I don't stop noticing them.
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Homecare has been and gone, so the place is back up to scratch again.

It's local election time, and it's a postal vote here, so today my ballot papers arrived. Including statements from all local candidates. I am pleasantly surprised. When I lived over the other side of town, my ex and I used to read out some of the statements to each other for laughs - it seemed like every local obsessive with a grudge took this as a chance to campaign for just about anything that was *not* to do with local issues.

Boyfriend lives in the same area down there - and some of the same nutters are standing again. It's like a special Nutter's Triennial.

But up here in [SrslyNorth] candidates do seem to understand that at the very least, they should mention the name of the local area and what they think should happen here.
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I regret to inform you that I've decided I really need to post and comment here more often.

I think I do better when I check in more than once a day. It's so much nicer here than elsewhere on the internet. It's grounding.

Of course, what with the unfashionableness of DW/LJ now, this means many people will find their reading lists to be full of posts from Yours Truly. I'd apologise, except that I don't think it really matters. I force no one to read this.
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I don't know if I'm any better, but I have eaten, drunk plenty of water, and napped. I'm now back on the couch.

I am feeling calmer and less panicky about the situation at least. But I'm keeping movement to an absolute minimum.

There's food in the fridge. Eldest Brother and GardenGirl were here earlier today (and finished the wicking bed, there will be photos), and Eldest emptied the cat tray for me. (It's supposed to be done by homecare, which I didn't have this week, and it does involve the sort of effort I could normally manage in a pinch but really, not today. And Tuesday was homecare today so the situation was getting a bit urgent).

Boyfriend is probably over tomorrow or Sunday, he'll shop if it needs doing.

Today I was supposed to have both homecare (in lieu of last Tuesday) and my regular scheduled shopping, but they once again couldn't send a regular. And as there was no way I could go the shops myself, I really couldn't trust anyone to go on my behalf other than my regular.

Ditto the housecleaning - I'm just not in a fit state to explain things to randoms.


So there were a few phone calls to and from council. Random people, all working off a computer screen who know nothing about me. And then something magical happened - I got one worker who was trying to nut things out and told me that from now on I was to ask for her directly, and she'd sort things out.

You have no idea how happy this makes me.


Oct. 7th, 2016 01:02 pm
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Really not okay, and very frightened.


Oct. 3rd, 2016 03:44 pm
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I keep feeling like I am surely about to get my period. The anticipation is making me grumpy.

Or possibly, being premenstrual is making me grumpy.

Or maybe it's menopause that's making me grumpy, but I won't know that for several months yet.

I turn 50 in a couple of weeks! FWIW, I feel quite proud of myself.
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I have been sewing. And now that I've had a break, I'm off to do some...sowing.
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Rough night last night - legs were all twitchy.

Didn't get to sleep for as long as I needed to this morning, too many stupid interruptions. God I hate my alarm clock. Also my backup phone alarm.

I felt like I was getting my period last night, but it didn't happen.

Feeling quite cheerful otherwise.

Hayfever now mostly reduced. Suspect rain has done its job, maybe even to the point of internal snotty mudslides, but hopefully not.

Had Salade Nicoise for dinner last night, and again for breakfast. Yum, also a very tasty way to poke in more vegies.


Would love to shower and dress but homecare worker is due any minute, so I'm in shambly pyjamas limbo.


Sep. 26th, 2016 03:17 pm
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And I'm feeling pretty chipper.

I am nutting out the week ahead and it doesn't look too bad.

Once I've done my to-do list I may need to lie down with a pillow over my head, but until then I shall be fine.

And I'll be fine after that too, given that I will then gently lay the to-do list aside probably in the compost bin.


Sep. 23rd, 2016 04:31 pm
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I hope there wasn't anything I had to do today, because I got distracted by the fishpot, outside.

This is a big pot that I filled last year with a couple of waterlilies, an oxygenating plant, a small solar powered pump, and three shubunkin goldfish.

More Fish! )
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It's all good.

Now that my fishtanks are all set up to my liking (for now), and the wicking bed project is as done as it can be (for now) (and also out of my hands, for now), my current thing is sewing.

Some weeks back (it's taken a while to get onto this) I got help pulling my sewing table out into the living room, along with my box full of projects.

Yesterday I pulled out a pair of loose drawstring pants that I started probably ten years ago. Without a pattern, just made by laying over the other pants like this that I really like. When I pulled them out of the box last night, I realised that somehow they were almost finished.

Magic. So I finished them and now I'm wearing them.

In the interim decade, the favourite pants have become almost unwearable. So I'm now pulling them into their component parts to use as a pattern for another pair, this time in purple.


I also have some hems to do, and some adjustments to a nice frock.

If I'm not heartily sick of sewing by then, I'm going to make some new pillow slips out of a sheet that is perfectly good, but never used.


So I think this is my thing for the next...month, maybe?


Sep. 19th, 2016 12:24 pm
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I made the mistake of reading the news while still on my first cup of coffee.

*crawls under rock*
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Yesterday I was feeling unwell, really quite rubbish.

But as I'd cancelled my endo appointment once already, I hauled my sorry self out the door.

I was waiting out the front for my taxi, when one of my neighbours came out. He was heading to his car but stopped to say hi.

And then it came out in a rush: his brother's not well. Really not well. Lung mass, biopsies are being done, known prior history of asbestos exposure. My neighbour is a nurse, so he said he had immediately figured the likely outcome (probably no more than 18 months to live) but had to bite his tongue.

(And rightly so, I guess, since the biopsies would not be done if there was any doubt). He described his brother as being 'very positive' but I'm never quite sure what that means.

He is also worried about their mum, who's 88 and inclined to worry. And will be told face-to-face soon.

He apologised for the outpouring, but I was totally okay about it...poor guy!


But then my taxi turned up, so I climbed in and off I went, and my neighbour went off to the hospital where his brother is.

And my very lovely taxi driver asked me how my day was going.

I am pretty good - and pretty deliberate - about keeping pleasantries pleasant.

But I'd barely had time to draw breath, so he got to hear about my neighbour's unhappiness about his sick brother and their mutual concern about telling Mum, and then for added kicks he got to hear about how grungy I was feeling.

Apparently his day had been going okay.

When we got to my appointment, he didn't have any change so I paid a much reduced fare.

Poor lad!
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Today a taxi driver asked me how my day had been so I told him.
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Cheerfully zooming through the to-do list today. Feeling buoyed enough that tedious tasks aren't annoying.

Paper to-do list = a huge relief.

Stuff is only going into Evernote when it needs to be recorded for future reference.
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Boronia is beautiful.

It's flowering outside my front door. It's one of those early spring scents, along with daphne and freesia, that have me floating.
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Not quite. It's afternoon, just.

I just ordered my wicking bed! My wicking bed is going to be three metres long and 700mm wide. Also: 80mm high.

I'll be able to grow plants in it at a height that means I can mess about even when I don't have the energy to bend, or when maybe I just want to grab a few lettuce leaves for dinner...and don't want to bend and rummage.

My ace gardening person will install it for me. Possibly with the assistance of Eldest Brother.


In other news, I'm feeling good and cheerful.


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