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So here I am, sleepy as all get out, trying to get my act together.

Wait, I'm sure I've done this before.

The trying, that is. Not necessarily the achievement. Except occasionally.

I want to hang a bunch of pictures. I've got some lovely stuff but the actual business of putting it on the wall? Tricky. I have a drill, I have (discreetly) marked where the studs are, I have hooks and I have a brilliantly safe and sturdy ladder. What I don't have is someone to help me work out exactly where each picture should go before I start having at the plasterboard. I really need Eldest Brother for this. Not just for the physical side (because it's easier for him than me) but because he didn't get a degree in art without developing a very good eye for eye based things and is very helpful when it comes to deciding where things should go for best effect.

That last paragraph made perfect sense, I'm sure. I'm not going back to check for fear I might get lost.
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I am having such a good time sorting my yarn stash this week that it's almost embarrassing.


Mar. 7th, 2017 03:00 pm
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Stable enough, homecare has been and gone. Feeling cheerful.
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So apparently when the "Disable Auto-Formatting" box is ticked on Dreamwidth, I don't get paragraph breaks.

I'd never even really noticed that box before.

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I would really like to get a few things done. As in: finished!

I've got a few things going at the moment that I think of as nearly done but needless to say, that's never quite true.

Especially when knitting is involved.

Especially when you are knitting a circular blanket and each increase doubles the number of stitches per round.

Oh yeah, and I am knitting this circular blanket in order to use up some yarn I don't much like the colour of and will never use elsewhere, which looks like it now requires more yarn (of the same colour) to finish. And possibly needs to be entirely redone in order to look its best anyway.

I think I might take up origami.
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Getting home care is very good for me, and I do think it's fair and good that the dishes get done...except when I spend the next three days taking dry dishes out of the drainer to use and they're greasy. Or have gunge still on them.

I mean seriously, how have my carers not died of botulism yet? I've been rewashing as dishes are required, but as soon as I've got the energy I'll do the rest at once.

Or am I missing something. Beneficial health effects of retaining a coat of gunge on eating utensils?

Gut flora, but for crockery?

*shakes head in disbelief*
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Oh the endless daily grind of fending off dehydration.

I wish I was a camel.
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I just did a photo post on LJ. Teeny tiny trees.


Jan. 9th, 2017 01:46 pm
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A big old hug to whoever sent me the Winnie-the-Pooh book!

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I have some lovely, caring people in my life.

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I am starting to feel human again.
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The list of things I want to get done is expanding at an exponential rate. Learning and problem solving is so much fun.

And alas, even with careful pacing, it's not all doable.

Yesterday's batch of ice cream has turned out really well, I think I almost know how to do it.

Now having a go at lemon sorbet.
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There are too many things on my to-do list, and I really want to change the way my days go.

Priorities. I need some.

More spoons would also help, of course.
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Accidentally read until daybreak.
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It's the sort of day for the retrospective to-do list.

You do whatever task is in front of you that you can manage, then you right it down and put a tick next to it.

It's surprisingly effective.
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I am ploughing through paperwork.

A few more things to do, and then I can feel smug.
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I am pondering new ways forward.

What horribly interesting times.
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So how are we all doing? I'm jittery.

Also sore. But that's incidental.

And I'm wishing I lived in the country so I could just wander outside in my PJs. Which I do anyway sometimes, but the mismatched nightie and pants combination I'm wearing right now screams "I have given up" a bit too loudly.
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Always bargaining, always tweaking my routine to see if I can't just squeeze a bit more out of life.


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