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So here I am, sleepy as all get out, trying to get my act together.

Wait, I'm sure I've done this before.

The trying, that is. Not necessarily the achievement. Except occasionally.

I want to hang a bunch of pictures. I've got some lovely stuff but the actual business of putting it on the wall? Tricky. I have a drill, I have (discreetly) marked where the studs are, I have hooks and I have a brilliantly safe and sturdy ladder. What I don't have is someone to help me work out exactly where each picture should go before I start having at the plasterboard. I really need Eldest Brother for this. Not just for the physical side (because it's easier for him than me) but because he didn't get a degree in art without developing a very good eye for eye based things and is very helpful when it comes to deciding where things should go for best effect.

That last paragraph made perfect sense, I'm sure. I'm not going back to check for fear I might get lost.

Date: 2017-03-20 12:53 pm (UTC)
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I'm feeling sleepy too although I'm not sure why as I slept quite well.
Good luck with hanging the pictures. I did all of mine and I think they look okay...


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