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2017-09-10 02:49 pm

Something Light.

Name the movie that contain these lines.

1. Oh...a leaf! (Hint: Eh, une feuille!)

2. That is not my dog.
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2017-08-17 02:33 pm

Medical, Shmedical.

Details )

I've been contemplating the fact of next week's timetable: I have a sleep study overnight on Wednesday and this nerve block on the Friday. And two more medical appointments the week after that....and on it goes with more appointments.

I feel stretched by the simple fact of all these excursions, even without the unexpected back problem, and I am not sure how I'll react if/when something else pops up.

And every so often the implications of All This tend to weigh me down. A bunch of physical problems which rather ironically appear to be unconnected to each other, and unconnected to the thing that disables me for which there is no treatment and no obvious visual signs. My body is breaking down.

I'm shifting my attention away from this stuff as much as I can, but it is a hell of a juggling act.
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2017-08-15 05:49 pm

I am so very grumpy today.

No really. I am.

Far too much crap this week.

And oh, my left leg's going numb so I have to see an ortho next week. It's excruciatingly painful when I get up in the morning, and now I'm getting a big ol' numb area.

The cause is most likely the bulging disc I've had for a while. Which I couldn't get physio for because I couldn't get to a fucking physio. Now there's nerve involvement. On the plus side, numb is better than painful, although I don't think the medical profession see it that way.

The usual admonition to go to hospital if it gets worse.

Lol. No fucking way. Hospitals are for people who don't have ME/CFS.


I start Metformin tomorrow for prediabetes.


I am about to go and attend to my fish. Weekend carer who helps with this couldn't make it, friend who was coming by today to help (and say hi) also had to cancel. Then Eldest Brother, who was coming by to continue some work here, also had to cancel so I couldn't ask him.

I am taking this as a sign that I need to do it myself. It's okay, I'll do it in half buckets.


But I really do feel I could do with some better luck.
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2017-08-10 01:30 pm

(no subject)

Today I am happy because my GP is sick.

I know this makes me look bad, which is why I use a pseudonym.


I'm not really happy that she's sick, I am happy that she has cancelled all today's appointments including mine. I was due to see her this afternoon and I really don't fancy heading out in this weather.

Too windy. I get windbrain. Bugger that.
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2017-08-04 06:27 pm

Reading, 2017.

17. Peter Carey, True History Of The Kelly Gang, available in any secondhand bookshop.

I'm still thinking about this, for all the right reasons.

He talks about towns and places not far to the north of me.

And the places he describes are so different now. Fenced off farmland and non-existent settlements. With a few national parks here and there. Kelly country is very tame.

The story describes a generational shift: Ned Kelly's father is transported for his role in an Irish rebellion. Once freed, he is silent about his past. But the poor Irish settlers of Victoria continue to experience colonial repression, and so the native sons both take on what remnants of the old world they can learn about, and Ned Kelly himself starts to spin this into an Australian political context.

Ned Kelly is a charismatic and smart boy, who lives the life available to him (petty crime, which leads up to outlawry and murder), but then starts to think in broader political terms.

In this, his fictional memoir, he talks of the support he has from the people he talks to, while the author, Peter Carey, lets us quietly contemplate the fact that these people are often his hostages.

Kelly Country was already empty of Aboriginal people: there are a few trackers with the troopers, but they don't rate a mention otherwise. Even when people go bush, when you'd surely expect interaction, there is none. And the bush is infested with blackberry and dandelion and dock. And to keep your selection (parcel of land) you have to clear trees, and turn the Australian landscape into something approaching the lands of Britain and Ireland.

I really hope I can pull myself together to come back and note some of the stuff about the meaning of cross-dressing. It's a part of the Kelly myth that appears to be glossed over and misinterpreted.

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2017-08-01 01:38 pm



I feel quite accomplished today and it's not yet 2PM. I haven't actually done much stuff myself, but I've done some great delegating and planning, also some dishes.


It is, incidentally, a lovely late winter's day. Sunny, still, and the doors are open.


The clock is ticking on getting a few things done outside before things start happening. Spring always catches me by surprise.

I have decided I need a slightly longer standpipe for the wicking bed, so this needs to be arranged.

I just spoke to Eldest Brother, and he will be coming by next week to do some bits and pieces, including putting some kind of frame over part of the wicking bed that can carry some shadecloth.

Big Sis reckons she's quite happy to help me sort a yet-more-automatic watering system for another part of the garden - she's done a lot of this at her place and has become very familiar with the process. So we'll need to actually arrange this.

Supergardenwoman is coming on Friday and I have many physical tasks to ask her to do.

It's also probably time to pull out my propagating tray and once again completely fail at growing things from seed.


Presently feeling quite calm about yesterday's diagnosis.
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2017-07-31 05:38 pm

(no subject)

My GP thinks I have diabetes. Type 2.

Further tests for confirmation, and to see how bad it is.

Although it's not impossible that I'm still at the pre-diabetic stage apparently.

Although given what got us to this point was me getting dizzy, weak and having numb legs, possibly not. (Except of course, that I also had a nasty virus).


FWIW, I'm not actually surprised. The passing comment from a path nurse about my urine test did make me wonder.


Also, it's one of those conditions that have clear treatment pathways and a governement scheme to provide all manner of necessary services. Diabetes Australia even have lots of stuff on dealing with the emotional consequences of a nasty chronic illness. So in that regard, I don't feel like I'm on my own with this.


She also reiterated (with more feeling this time) that I should probably be careful about going out into the world at the moment, on account of the fact that the strain of influenza A that is not covered by this year's jab is spreading like wildfire.


My diet's a lot better than it has been in the past, but I guess I'll need to improve it further. It looks like I'll have to start eating more regularly too, instead of my present habit of only really eating at nighttime.
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2017-07-29 03:27 pm


Little brain, little brain, let me come in!
Not by the hair of my human's little chin!

I have no idea why that popped up, my brain has gone a bit feral in this weather.


We've had a day of high winds here in Victoria. Getting up to 100k at the airport, not so far from here. TBH, I don't really know at what speed a gust of wind is declared to be fast, but subjectively speaking, holy crap it's really windy. It's been wake-up-because-everything's rattling-but-stay-put-under-the-doona level of windy.


Today's challenge is to work out how to adapt a cardigan pattern to my own measurements. I'm using an online tool where you plug in your own measurements and then buy the adjusted pattern A great idea! But it's not working for me, so I'm emailing back and forth with the lovely and very helpful creator, and we are trying to work out what's going wrong.

Trouble is, I'm not sure I'm thinking clearly enough to *not* be making silly errors. Or possibly the program has limits.

I'd really like to get to this next level of knitting, but my sizing issues are damned complicated, so I can't do it until I've learned to adjust patterns like a bloody genius. I'm not any of the standard shapes, even adjusting for size. In fact, I suspect the most realistic description of my shape is "short, petite frame, heavily pregnant, with extra large boobs as well".

But if I can sort this out, and knock out a couple of basic things, I'll be very pleased and can then maybe start playing with more elaborate patterns. Or, quite possibly, just trundle along being able to make basics that fit the way I want things to fit.

Okay, I'm off to wave my measuring tape around.
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2017-07-28 04:10 pm

(no subject)

Sshhhhhhh! I won't say this loudly because we know I jinx myself every time. But it's possible, maybe, that I'm not as sick this week as I was last week. Touchwood! Sshhhhhhh!


I went shopping today, mostly sat with a cuppa while my carer went back and forth - it was nice.

One more stall at the market has closed - the bargain bread place, which is a real loss. It was just regular brands of bread, but dirt cheap and it did a roaring trade. No warning.

Developers are circling the place and appealing every time their highrise plans get knocked back, the council is trying to negotiate, and meanwhile the rents are going up. Leases aren't being renewed, stallholders are on month-by-month arrangements.



And in answer to a recent question: when I talk about being disturbed by "world events" I do mean Trump. Mostly. I don't think it's *just* about him. There's a whole weird horrible process going on the US. I fear that even if the USA make it to the next scheduled elections, gerrymandering and coercion will prevent any change. And I also fear that enough people will respond the way they do to tyrants who both flatter and threaten: by doing what they are told.

These situations bring a certain type of person out of the woodwork, all over the place. And the normal people, with normal survival instinct, learn to look the other way, look down, and just get along. And pretend bad shit's not happening because that would break our hearts.

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2017-07-07 06:42 pm

Reading, 2017.

I am in danger of losing track.

13. Aaronovitch, Ben. Broken Homes. Got from my local library.

Why yes, I am enjoying the Rivers Of London series, to the point that I'm bummed out by the fact that there are only three more books to go.

I have noticed that I lose track while I'm reading, but the read itself is fun.

14. Clarke, Susannah: Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell via Kobo.

I appear to be really late to the party on this one, it was first published in 2014. Funnily enough, I started it just after hurling (metaphorically) two books into the "nope!" pile because the narrative voice in each were too derivative and cliched. Maybe it's just that I don't mind the Austenesque style.

A much longer book than I'd normally read, and about two thirds of the way through I had to flip to the end just to see whether I wanted to keep going. As it happens I did, because the ending was good enough that I wanted to see how it happened.

My recall for this one is for some of the characters and the way they are presented as satirical and for some lovely imagery.

15. Gilman, Laura Anne: Miles To Go via Kobo.

A novella, not a novel. But I decided to count it because the Susannah Clarke novel was huge. Paranormal crime fiction, which I thought I was not going to like because the "noir" pastiche was very strong. But which got me in, like with Susannah Clarke's pastiche of Austen's style.

Although I remember enjoying this, I can't remember much about it.

16. Clarke, Maxine Beneba: Foreign Soil via Kobo.

I am so glad I read this book. If I had known it was a collection of short stories, some of which are more like vignettes, I might not have because if the stories are good, I tend to find myself wanting to know more. Also, I think I feel a bit lost when the only common feature is the writer themself - and her stories vary greatly in terms of time and place. However, they are bloody good. They are also really eye-opening. I do just really hope for more.

She's a local writer, which also makes me happy, of Afro-Caribbean descent. Some sound very much like autobiography focussed on growing up non-white in a white Australia, there are also stories of the African diaspora and some set in the Caribbean. I'm not sure what else to say - I don't know where I'd place her in terms of genre. But her stories have me thinking about the type of observations Margaret Atwood can make.

I guess what I'm saying here (and I had to come back to add this in) is that I'm still wondering about some of the people in this collection of stories. What else is important to them? What did happen after the story was over? So much more vivid and memorable than other stories that I read and enjoy. That sense of having only skimmed the surface.
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2017-06-12 03:47 pm

(no subject)

I really hope that this dizziness is because of codeine and lack of sleep, and not because of me doubling up on my lunchtime meds...

I don't *think* I doubled up. But even though I use blister packs, I am behind on lunchtime meds because I often miss them by mistake...so it's not impossible and after I took them before, I had a weird sense of deja vu.
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2017-04-18 05:31 pm


Placeholder: I still exist.
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2017-04-17 03:07 pm

(no subject)

Another wafty day chez moi. Consider these posts to be placeholders. A reminder that I do still exist.

Although sometimes I don't know if it's better to quietly disappear until health returns or to continue being present. Disappear, and it might be that when/if you come back, no one will remember who you are. Stay present, and you might be able to do it only in such limited capacity that people have no sense of you anyway.

I'm really enjoying Words With Friends, it seems to be the one brain-thing I'm capable of these days. I fantasize about doing other things, but too many steps are required.

I have a pathology nurse coming around tomorrow morning to collect blood for tests for everything, I anticipate no surprises. Then I have homecare, which will be nice. Later in the day a Nice Young Lass(TM) will be coming by to see if she's the right person to help me out one or two hours a week. This isn't government funded, I'm paying for it myself. I want my fish tended, among other things.

I am really hoping that on Wednesday I am well enough to go to the birthday dinner of a very dear friend. I'll be sad if I can't go. I resigned myself to a solitary Easter, but this might be pushing it.

But I guess I've been here before.

Rolling with the punches.
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2017-04-15 04:36 pm


My thanks to the person who gifted me a paid account for 12 months.

Unexpected and lovely.
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2017-04-04 04:24 pm

(no subject)

I'm feeling very quiet. I don't think I'm depressed as such, just feeling very passive.

I won't panic about it just yet.

It might be to do with my prednisolone dose, which went down to 7mgs yesterday. This is down at the level of physiological replacement dose only. So I have only got a minimal amount of cortisone in my system and we don't know if/when my body will decide to start making its own or not.

But I am knitting, feeding the animals, feeding myself, playing Words With Friends, collecting the mail. Maybe right now this is all I need to do.
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2017-03-28 04:43 pm

(no subject)

Sometimes I wonder how I would feel if all those things on the current to-do list were suddenly done.
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2017-03-20 05:36 pm

(no subject)

So here I am, sleepy as all get out, trying to get my act together.

Wait, I'm sure I've done this before.

The trying, that is. Not necessarily the achievement. Except occasionally.

I want to hang a bunch of pictures. I've got some lovely stuff but the actual business of putting it on the wall? Tricky. I have a drill, I have (discreetly) marked where the studs are, I have hooks and I have a brilliantly safe and sturdy ladder. What I don't have is someone to help me work out exactly where each picture should go before I start having at the plasterboard. I really need Eldest Brother for this. Not just for the physical side (because it's easier for him than me) but because he didn't get a degree in art without developing a very good eye for eye based things and is very helpful when it comes to deciding where things should go for best effect.

That last paragraph made perfect sense, I'm sure. I'm not going back to check for fear I might get lost.
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2017-03-10 06:28 pm

(no subject)

I am having such a good time sorting my yarn stash this week that it's almost embarrassing.
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2017-03-07 03:00 pm


Stable enough, homecare has been and gone. Feeling cheerful.
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2017-03-03 06:55 pm

(no subject)


So apparently when the "Disable Auto-Formatting" box is ticked on Dreamwidth, I don't get paragraph breaks.

I'd never even really noticed that box before.