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1. A two hour lie down, with no sleep (a good thing) was quite refreshing.

2. A very amusing text exchange with my friend Ecks.

3. Really nice broad beans tonight - the last of the crop from last year.
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1. Some lovely roses in flower round here at the moment, great selection of cheeerfully unfashionable colours and not too many people falling for the fashion of one colour only. I like a riot in a garden. And all roses have a different scent, so I find single variety rose gardens a bit pointless.

2. Had a frank and honest discussion with my GP about a few things. She acknowledged and responded to my various concerns in a satisfactory manner. But more importantly I guess (since one can't always control the response of other people), I presented my concerns well enough, conducted myself well enough.

(Uh oh, can't think of a third, which means I'm down in the dumps).

3. no wait...cheerful conversation with the GP's receptionist about biltong! And while watching me get my scooter in the door, then carefully manoevre it into the only spot where it fits in the foyer, realised it would be useful to a few patients if she were to move the particularly pointless coffee table that makes the whole process so complicated. So maybe she will, and people will benefit.
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1. Friend was here for dining, snacking and Tour watching.

2. Ooh. AC/DC on Rage. Right now.

3. They were followed by Kiss, then Queen with Bohemian Rhapsody. Back to boring stuff again now, but it was fun while it lasted.
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1. Le Tour! Le Tour!

2. LJ ate my last post, but it was really dull so that's okay.

3. As mentioned previously, the soundtrack from Local Hero.
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1. The cat seems to really like her new fud.

2. I wandered the streets today, it was gud.

3. Under my clothes I am totally nud.

(Okay - the real #3: in the mail today I got clothes, shoes, nibblies and a new stylus.)
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1. My cat is cold, but adorable. She has made what amounts to a burrow amongst pillows and a blanket on the couch.

2. Lovely afternoon chat with friend. Included wafers. I must eat more wafers. And chat with friends more. Ideally while eating wafers.

3. Today was effing cold, sunny and crisp. Quite lovely.
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1. Pork roll for lunch.

2. Cheering afternoon stroll to find a letter box.

3. Hot chocolate.
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One sublimely beautiful, one yummy and hilarious, and one I want to remember, respect and reciprocate at all times.

1. Kaleidescope in the mail from [livejournal.com profile] bookgirlwa is a thing of absolute beauty. Even the instrument itself is lovely (metal with a little star on it). A doodad that stays out where I can see it, it will be played with frequently. One of those quiet-moment things that calms you and cheers you and takes you out of yourself.

2. Chocolate spoons. They are chocolate and they are spoons. *nods cheerfully at [livejournal.com profile] fluidsparkles*

3. A MIP(Most Important Person) in my life is coping with my rampant upset with much grace and has re-reassured me of my place in her life. And has also passed on some of her hard-learned advice. Thankyou.
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1. Eldest Brother came by this afternoon, with SisterNotinLaw. We had a bit of a catch up, and he hauled some shed stuff onto bricks for me - there's a leak somewhere in that shed, and water is pooling with heavy rain. He also cleared some of the guttering, which looks like it hadn't been done for a while and might be the culprit. I'll be keeping an eye on it, but at least I know my furniture is safe in the meanwhile.

2. I slept for about 12 hours last night, which is good considering I had about five hours the night before.

3. I sat outside for a bit, and had thinky thoughts about plants and stuff.
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1. I dozed for most of the afternoon, probably a good thing. It certainly felt nice while it was happenning.

2. 10B bought me a container of fish food, so I didn't actually have to go out to buy some.

3. Decided to lash out for dinner and found a Burmese restaurant that delivers here. It was pretty good and will do me tomorrow as well.
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1. Dress arrived in the mail and it fits. Short sleeves, but will be a winter dress if I can find an undertop that suits.

2. Just ate a big mess of chocolate couverture mixed in with frozen banana and a bit of cream and then chilled in the freezer and eaten gooey becasuse I wanted it _now_. Hard to know if that's really a good thing or a sign I'm past saving...

3. Played with gifties from [livejournal.com profile] jadeluxe. Hong Kong cutesiness rules my world! Postcards, coasters, fridge magnets - what's not to like?! Have now placed postcards in suitable locations around the house. (Coasters and fridge magnets having already been dispensed).

Also, washed hair. That was a definitely a good thing. Almost finished another small project, go me. About to go to bed, even better.
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1. Saw my brain-care specialist. Very useful session.

2. Delivered beanies.

3. Nice taxi drive there. Quiet but amicable chap, with bonus respect for the knitting.
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1. I had a massage with a new person tonight and she's really good. It's going to cost $$, but if I book several she'll work out a discount on top of her DSP concession.

2. Got groceries delivered, thankyou Coles Online.

3. Electrician was back to fix doorbell and sensor light.

Oh and,

4. Big Sister, who's busy being awesome, came by and washed dishes and mopped the kitchen floor.
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1. Cuppa and a chat. Awesome. I should do more of this.

2. Symptoms so much better than I expected for today.

3. My adorable cat is being adorable.
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1. Today, after installing new powerpoints everywhere and fixing the doorbell, one of the electricians got out his spirit level and helped me get the turntable as even as we possibly could on my shonky trolley setup. It was an amicable couple of minutes, he's clearly a guy who was not remotely surprised that I had a turntable, and he did not call it "vintage".

2. Big Sister was round today, and was unwittingly standing next to the pop-up toaster when it popped. She screamed. It was fucking hilarious.

3. I just bought a new Bravissimo frock on eBay, nice and cheap too.


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