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Mmmmmm. Beautiful, beautiful rain. Except 10B did come home all cold and wet. Weekend and overnight rain is best for the care of your favourite Jim.

Memo to self: do not attempt more than one unplanned act of exertion per day. Really, just don't.

Last night we had pho and afterwards I walked to [livejournal.com profile] mrsbrown's place. That was pretty impressive I thought.

Oh and while we're all getting excited about that, I also went out on Saturday to warm the lovely new home of [livejournal.com profile] doushkasmum and [livejournal.com profile] sacred_chao and celebrate their engagement. I did okay I think, with occasional breaths of fresh air to clear my head. (I now hang out with the smokers). Friday people came over here for wood-fired pizza oven goodness but I was pretty knocked out so I flaked out in the study and accepted visits of 1-2 people at a time. Which was actually very nice in it's own way.

Today I went on a (fairly easy) shopping trip with carer (the last one - I've decided I can probably manage on my own now), but then foolishly decided to get a bundle of papers ready for C*ntrelink and attempt to post them before five. Things went downhill at that point.

You would think I had learnt by now. Nope. In fact, I've unlearnt. If I'm not knocked down by CFS symptoms, I simply keep going until I am. It's like by having really bad responses to exertion, I've lost my capacity to notice normal responses and normal warning signs. So unless I make a very deliberate effort, I ignore normal tiredness and sleepiness and I find it incredibly hard to do things like pace myself or even sit down to get my breath back and have lunch like a normal person would do. And I'm sleepy today (bad night last night) so my judgement was more impaired than usual on these matters. Foolish!

Tomorrow we plan to drive to Ballarat to pick up our greywater system. It's a long time since I've been out of town or even in a car for that long. This is a big trip for me and I'm looking forward to it.

So right now I should probably rest. A lot. And maybe scarf some codeine for my achey body.


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