Jun. 13th, 2007 03:52 pm
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I am overcompensating for my total lack of control over my life by doing all the laundry in the entire world instead.

I try and alternate between tumbledryable loads and drip dries, that way you have less down time while you're waiting for the last load to dry and no, I can't use the clothesline.

It's amazing how the job never actually ends. There is always more laundry to do. Happily, most everyday items that needed washing have gone through and I'm now on to doing particularly satisfying loads of things that sit in the basket for years because they aren't needed and/or they're complicated in some way. They're the sorts of things that only resurface every 18 months or so at about 6 in the afternoon on a Saturday when you're wondering where that nice white shirt has gone, you know, the one you bought only for special occasions like the one you're due at in 45 minutes.

I can't find the Preen (fancy shmancy stuff for the aforementioned white shirt) and very nearly used window cleaner instead, on account of the bottles being almost identical. It wouldn't have mattered too much: it's 10B's shirt, last worn 5 months ago, so he wouldn't notice for another 13 months and I'm sure I could come up with a good explanation for the damage between now and then.

Hell, by then I could tell him *he* did it while I stood there begging him not to.

And now I'm wondering why the hell we have window cleaner on the edge of the bath. Seriously, we do. That's where I found it when I was looking for the Preen.

I guess if I ever finish the laundry I could do a household chemical spraybottle audit. I could map where I've found them and then allocate new, appropriate homes for them all. I may find the Preen this way too, which would be a bonus. And it would be nice to have the rat poison not quite so close to the pine-o-cleen that we use all the time.

But I doubt I will, I doubt I could. I'm increasingly convinced there's no end in sight to the laundry project and it's starting to fail in it's assigned task of giving me a sense of effectiveness and control. As some point I have to reach a major goal.

It doesn't help that 10B is sabotaging me by refusing to go to work naked.

I think he could make more money that way but he says no, in the winter...not quite so much. I mean, he'd still make plenty of course, but we aim to be stinking rich, not just rich, and we don't want to undervalue the product in the meanwhile.

I must go, the washing machine beckons.


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