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With our new greywater system we got a list of detergents that won't kill plants, which is nice because I like my plants.

About 100 laundry detergents are rated according to both phosphorous and sodium content and the details can be found here.

There's quite a number of products to choose from and the ones with the least crap are all liquids. We're using Earth Choice and so far it's fine for the laundry and nothing's dead yet.


But just for the record, I often think my life would work a lot better if I was willing to be evil and thanks to this list I think I've finally found a way that won't involve human sacrific and/or get me arrested.

All that needs to happen is that I need to take advantage of the following facts about the average person and their buying habits:
1. they would like to do the right thing;
2. they don't have the time or knowledge to do all the research on all the things they're trying to get right;
3. in such a situation, all they've got left to go on is the big writing on the front of the things they buy.

To that end, I'm wondering if there's anyway of employing the skilled folk in various marketing departments to do some work for me.

The people responsible for Aware Ecosensitive, Back to Basics and Planet Ark are all in the running, but are beaten by the folk who came up with Bushland Concentrate. This product has the fourth highest level of sodium from a list of about 100 brands. That's fucking brilliant.

However, the winners of the contract have to be the soulless demons who developed Cold Power Advanced Rainforest, for having a product with identical amounts of sodium and more phosphorous than plain old Cold Power Advanced.

Yes, I know words like 'rainforest', 'bushland' and 'aware' in product names don't technically mean anything, but that's the whole point because you know as well as Vance Packard, George Orwell and every politician's spin doctor that ever lived that it bloody well untechnically means everything.

Evil cynical bastards, come on down and make me rich!

I'm guessing we sign the contracts in blood.
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