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Last time I was here I was fuming about humanity and planning to ring up the electrician and be self-righteous at him, on account of both the greywater system and the router working fine before his arrival but strangely failing after his departure. (And after I'd paid cash and totally failed to ask for the Certificate of Compliance they're supposed to give you. Which, as you might have surmised, he totally failed to give me.)

I am very glad I restrained myself, because after much poking and prodding of the greywater system, 10B cleaned both the filters, not just the one you're supposed to rinse once a week(which rather needed it too), and then it started working.

Yes that's right. Our greywater was too filthy for our greywater system.

So we've now pretty much established that the once-weekly filter needs to be cleaned more often, hopefully on account of having a washing machine that doesn't have a lint filter and not because we are disgusting vile grubby human beings who shed way too much hair.

To this end I won't be hanging shit on the electician but in the interests of bolstering my flagging self-esteem I will maintain that he magically trashed our router but I can't prove it because it's a conspiracy.


In other news, I've already used up this week's magic beans traipsing round the countryside and catching up with old friends (waves to [livejournal.com profile] xanni_au, although I'm still vaguely optimistic that I'll manage dinner with Mum-In-Law in a few day's time and that I'll be properly recharged by the weekend.


And I'm sure you're all dying to see a big long list of my ideal careers, really keen, maybe almost as keen as I've been to read about yours(and yours...and yours...and yours...), but I'll just cut to the chase and say it turns out I'd really like a career that means I get to do the things I like to do and that I consider interesting and satisfying.

Quelle surprise.

And maybe zomg too, eleven.
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