Jan. 9th, 2014

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It's only the third day, but already my darling Fuzzychops has become quite set into the routine of a lightly beaten egg between 5 and 6 and will not be distracted by a serve of the regular food. It must be a lightly beaten egg - her sense of anticipation is palpable and her stare...

...omg the stare...

.Must.have.egg.(.lightly. beaten.).

And although eggs are quite healthy for cats (and hey, she's got renal failure so I've been told to just let her eat whatever she wants), according to (vetinary) Dr. Google, they can be a health risk (in the same way they can be to humans - salmonella and e.coli) so I guess from now on, each day between 4 and 5, I'll be doing one lightly scrambled egg and putting it in the fridge to cool.

This started three days ago, when I realised I had more eggs than I could possibly get through. (It seems I am more in the habit of buying eggs than I am of eating them at the moment.) So, looking at all those eggs, it occured to me to try one on the cat in the hopes of at least reducing the number that would go to waste.

And now, I know that not only will I not waste any of them, I won't need to give up my egg buying habit in the foreseeable future. Everyone wins, except for the bit where she's just upped the ante from fresh, small, spoonfuls of briney tuna from the fridge at regular intervals throughout the day, to that plus actual cooking.


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