Oct. 26th, 2014 03:22 pm
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Her Fuzziness seems pretty placid now. Every so often she asks for food and she's really only accepting lightly beaten eggs. Mostly she's just sleeping under the couch, emerging occasionally to totter here or there just to sit somewhere else for a while. She's staring at birds through the screen door at the moment.

She climbed into the (empty) bath yesterday. Twice. She's never done that before, but she seemed to like it in there. I had been having a bath earlier yesterday when she came in and stared at me and I realised she'd not seen me in the bath before. Maybe she finally realised that a bath is a thing to be sat in, and decided to test it out.

I haven't given her the appetite stimulant she usually gets every third day: it makes her jumpy for a few hours and in the past, that seemed like a reasonably price to pay for two and three-quarter days of better appetite and a considerably longer life of good quality. It doesn't now: the last few times she's had it, it has not improved her appetite significantly and I just want her to be comfortable now. There's no long term benefit in giving her that pill. I ...think... that's the right decision.


I am spending today alternating between playing with pencils and doing light physical stuff.


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